Product Overview

Class Agent is a complete solution for volunteer fundraising, including tools for management, reporting, and peer-to-peer fundraising. Our customers range from top national liberal arts colleges to prep schools, with programs varying in size from dozens of volunteers to thousands. Some customers already subscribe to the Reeher Platform, our company’s flagship product for higher ed advancement, but Class Agent fundraising can be used on its own as well. Please download our Class Agent Fundraising Fact Sheet for more product information.


To learn more about each of the components, click on the sections below.

The Management Dashboard

Volunteer managers have a concise summary of volunteer activity easily accessible to them. This screen also lets managers create assignments and send welcome emails to their new volunteers.


Predictive Scores and Affinities

Class Agent makes it easy to create assignments based on the likelihood that a target constituent might donate. You can assign volunteers to prospects based on affinities (for example, alumni who had the same major) as well as factors like previous donations.

prioritized list of prospects

Volunteer Portal

Class Agent makes it easy for volunteers to interact with their prospects. With a dashboard present upon logging in, volunteers get a quick snapshot of their prospect list and results to date.

communicating with volunteers


When making solicitations, the volunteers have a prospect profile that makes it easier than ever to contact prospects. The prospect contact and previous giving information is coupled in one screen with workflow where they can view scripts, log their activity, and input final results. This helps alleviate ambiguity on what to do next and provides accurate records for the staff.


a volunteers list of prospects


Upon completion of a gift, the volunteer is alerted via email – giving them the satisfaction of a job well done!




The Mobile Application

Class Agent’s Mobile app for volunteers provides convenient access to all of their assignments and allows them to complete all of their tasks right from their iPhone or Android smartphone.




Reporting on Success

Both managers and volunteers can track their success, individually or as a team. Below you’ll see progress towards goals for an individual alumni class.



Volunteers can also motivate themselves by comparing their performance to other groups’