Our customers are happy to share their success stories with you. With Reeher’s Class Agent platform, established volunteer programs have been able to increase their dollars and donors, while some institutions have chosen Class Agent as a practical way to get their volunteer programs off the ground.

Are you ready to ditch the spreadsheets you use to manage your volunteers? Learn why Sewanee (The University of the South) switched to Class Agent.

Download the Sewanee Case Study

Maybe you think your established program might benefit from some performance enhancements? With Class Agent, St. Olaf College was able to double the number of solicitations that their donors make each year.

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What our customers say

saint olaf“The new Class Agent portal makes selecting classmates so much easier. I can select, contact and thank classmates for gifts right away, not having to wait to for a monthly report.”

St. Olaf Fundraising Volunteer, Class of 1963, Volunteer since 1994


“I was hesitant to agree to contact former classmates. As it turns out, the Class Agent portal has been fun and stress-free. I can select classmates I would be happy to contact on behalf of St. Olaf. The portal is well laid out and easy to navigate.”

St. Olaf Fundraising Volunteer, Class of 1994 Volunteer since 2016



1024px-trinity_college_connecticut_seal-svg“The ability to delegate volunteer management responsibilities to trusted, lead volunteers has been a tremendous advantage. It allows key alumni to keep tabs on fundraisers’ progress, allowing gift chairs to both prompt volunteers on next steps and track their successes.”

Allison Grebe, Sr. Associate Director of Annual Giving, Trinity College


“We are impressed with how easy Class Agent is to use. The robust features allow us to streamline our process, improving efficiency and productivity in our volunteer fundraising initiatives. It allows us to rank and compare class results, and simplifies communications to large groups of volunteers, saving staff time.”

Ben Ligas, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Trinity College




saint john's university“Class Agent is extremely user friendly. It’s easy for volunteers to login and complete all of their contacts. Class Agent has quickly become an integral tool in our peer-to-peer fundraising strategy.”

Raj Chaphalkar Director of Annual Giving, Saint John’s University