For Volunteers

Keep your volunteers happy and productive! An easy-to-use application for volunteers will be key to your program’s success, and we have built our web and mobile applications to bring the most important information and tasks to the forefront. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android will free your volunteers from spreadsheets or paper lists and keep them focused¬†on outreach.



Within the application, a simple view shows tasks and progress, and indicates the volunteer’s next steps to take, including thanking their donors. Assignments can be reviewed easily, and volunteers can call, text, or email their prospects directly from the app. Staff can send in-app push notifications and share files with volunteers.

The same straightforward functionality is also accessible through the volunteer web portal. There, users can also check their team or class year’s progress towards goals, and compare with other groups who may be volunteering on the same campaign. Your Class of 1997 alumni will have a great incentive to compete with their peers from 1992!